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商家故事:Jen’s Recipe

How did Jen’s Recipe start?

Let me tell you my personal real life story. I am an essential oils user since 2014, without proper guidance I just mix & match & apply on my then 2yo.

Forward to 2 years later, my second child was borned. Unfortunately, her skin developed rashes & paedaetrian told us it’s eczema.

For years I have been following health group & mummies group in FB, I was so stressful when I know my child has eczema. I started to research into natural remedies & developed and improved my humble handmade products from there. I joined aromatherapy courses conducted by world renowned leader & Certified Clinical Aromatherapies, and expand my products due to the needs from my customers.

Jen’s Recipe means it is my own formula that I developed (my name is Jen), after trial & error before I market my small scale handmade products.

Thank you customers for trusting me & take effort to write me reviews & testimonials, I will continue to strive forward & provide the best products from my own hands.

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