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黑面将军保健绿茶 (15 包x 2克)


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• Help reduce acne, Detoxification 帮助减少青春痘, 排毒
• Help prevent Cancer such as liver cancer and breast cancer 帮助抗癌如肝癌和乳癌
• Help reduce cholesterol, Reduce Fat absorption 帮助降低胆固醇,减少脂肪合成
• Help prevent Urinary tract infection 帮助预防泌尿系统感染
• Help prevent Diabetes 帮助预防糖尿病
• Help for colon Cleansing 帮助结肠清洗
• Help for relieve Constipation, improve urinary flow 帮助缓解便秘和小便不利

15 Tea Bag x 2g (15 包x 2克)

Status: Available

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