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牛蒡茶 Burdock Herbal Tea (20 個茶包 / Sachets)

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Burdock root or gobo root (Japanese) or niúbàng (Chinese) has been used throughout North America, Europe and Asia for centuries to treat digestive problems. Burdock has a crunchy texture and an earthy, sweet flavor that some find it like lotus root. It can be eaten as a vegetable or made into tea.

Here are the other many benefits of drinking Burdock Herbal Tea:

i.Eliminates excess body fat
ii.Enhances beauty & works as an anti-ageing
iii.Relieves constipation & insomnia
iv.Long term consumption aids in lowering high blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels
v.Prevents stroke & diabetes
vi.Prevents excessive accumulation of uric acid which could lead to gout
vii.Reduces fever, treats sore throat and coughs
viii.Anti-radiation & anti-cancer

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