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Chobe Master Instant Fiber Cereal Drink ( ORIGINAL with BROWN RICE) 10x32g sachet


Instant Fibre Cereal Drink (Original Brown Rice) is made from healthy ingredients with vitamins and minerals to give you an energetic start in the morning.
Using whole brown rice grains, germ and bran, it makes more than 50% of brown rice in every serving.
High content of brown rice is a great source of fibre and vitamin B.
We keep it simple, letting the natural goodness of brown rice shines in this creamy beverage packed with full serving of whole-grains.
With the great fibre content, makes it a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.
This drink is suitable for those that practising low sugar diet as no sugar is added in it.
Hence, try not missing out nutrients especially in the morning as you will need to carry out the day’s work, Chobe Master Instant Fibre Cereal Drink (Original with brown rice) is just what you need to start the day right!

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