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DeKIRIAKI TRAVEL SET ~ Hair & Scalp Shampoo (65ML) + Hair Tonic (13ML)


Dekiriaki Trial Set consists of Shampoo 65ml + Hair Tonic 13ml

DeKIRIAKI Revitalising Hair & Scalp Shampoo is a sulfate free formula. It retains the scalp’s natural moisture and prevents dryness.

Our shampoo is derived from natural ingredients.
It’s 5 main ingredients help to stimulate hair growth, soothe scalp irritation, regulate scalp’s moisture level, ease stress, prevent dandruff, oily hair and scalp.

Thus the hair will be revitalised and radiant.

DeKIRIAKI Hair Tonic (13ml)
deKIRIAKI Hair Tonic is a unique formula derived from natural ingredients.

The presence of the 5 main ingredients works gently yet effectively to help the hair regains vitality and shine without a greasy feeling.
Our hair tonic works effectively to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp. The hair will be reinvigorated and strengthened.

It effectively reduces hair shredding, assists new healthy hair growth hence more radiant hair.

Status: Available