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Homemade Gochujang Paste Vegetarian (400g)


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Homemade Vegetarian Gochujang is another version of our Original Homemade Gochujang. For the original version, It contains garlic and onion. So This Vegetarian Gochujang is specially made for particular Vegetarians who do not consume the five pungent vegetables, such as onions, garlic, chives, green onions and leeks.

Its always are the essential ingredients in Korean cooking. Our homemade Gochujang is the spicy thick savory paste that’s concentrated and pungent in flavor. Because of the kick and depth of flavor, most of them like to mixing and stir into their dishes. It’s so amazing for dipping, marinate, mixing in rice (Bibimbap) noodles and salad, stir-fries, adding the depth of flavor into the soup (Kimchi Jjigae), topping for your burger, hotdog and sandwich. You can even make it by fusion way to mix it together with the Mayonnaise, Ketchup for dressing or dipping sauce. I believe the combination ingredient for this fusion dipping sauces will definitely make you surprise of its flavor.

Shelf Life: 1 Year

Vegetarian (without five pungent vegetables) | No Preservatives | No Artificial Coloring | No MSG | Homemade | Natural Ingredients | Freshly Made | Unique Taste

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