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養生糙米茶 IntI Brown Rice Tea


5gms x 15 sachets


Ingredients : Mixture of Brown Rice and 2 Chinese Traditional Herbs (Radix Glycyrhizae and Radix Codonopsis)

Function and benefit / 糙米茶的好处 :

Relieves and alleviates migraine, insomnia and body ache 改善偏头痛、失眠及身体酸痛
Helps to reduce night urination problem 减少夜尿的次数
Helps in stress relief 有助纾解压力
Helps in blood sugar and uric acid regulation 有助调节血糖及尿酸症状
Improves digestion and blood circulation 帮助消化及血液循环
Promotes better detoxification 增强身体排除毒素的功能

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