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Jen’s Recipe Organic Daily Cream (25g)


Soothes mild: rashes, scars, stretch marks, bites, bruises, eczema, psoriasis, small wound, moisturising, dry skin, dry hand, dry lips, dry heels, mild insect repellent.

?? Formulated without essential oil
?? Suitable for all ages, including newborn, preggers, sensitive skin. ‼Except person with nuts allergies
?? For everyday use. No sensitisation concerns.
?? Use when flare up, rashes, inflamed skin or if no skin issues, use this as daily moisturizer. May combine with Organic Soothing Cream to get more benefits.


Shea butter will melt when it's in very warm temperature, however it is still safe to use. Some melt it and whipped, but my method is non heated. When u received if it is melted, just put in fridge to set overnight then can take it out and put in room to use. Shea is very depend on the weather, it melt when it's warm day, it harden when it's rainy day. But it is very skin beneficial regardless whether it's hard or melted. Shea has a lot of staying power on the skin to prevent dehydration, it is better to use at night before sleep.

I  (Jen's Recipe Founder) studied aromatherapy courses conducted by Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, it is not recommended to use the same essential oil (eo) day after day, hence you may have some interval in between to prevent sensitisation, which is sensitive towards that eo. E.g: Use continuously 3 weeks, stop 5 days, and repeat the cycle. HOWEVER, JEN'S RECIPE ORGANIC DAILY CREAM HAS NO SENSITISATION ISSUE AS IT IS FORMULATED WITHOUT ESSENTIAL OIL.

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