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泰面 红咖喱面 Veg Thai Red Curry Flavor Noodle


泰道地 紅咖哩充滿 泰香濃老椰味
Truly Thai Red curry + Taiwan hand make noodles

它並非快熟面也非泡麵,而是風靡全台的泰式手工拌麵現已登陸 GOGOVEGE素食网购平台!
廠家製作醬料及面體 都純天然食材 採用台灣著名手工拌麵。
– 无防腐劑
– 无人工色素
– 无味精
– 不含五辛

Demand for the best to satisfy your tummy
Not instant noodle. Not cup noodle. It’s the famous 泰麵 Thai Style Taiwan hand made noodles. Now available at GOGOVEGE!

– no preservatives
– no artificial coloring
– No MSG
– Does not contain garlic and onion

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